Family Trees

Family trees are .PDF files in two different formats starting with the oldest known ancestor. Please note that exact dates of birth of known or suspected living persons have been removed.

    Genealogy Reports containing notes and footnotes 

    Descendant Trees which contain only names and years of birth and death. 

Please contact me with any additions or corrections.

Boone Genealogy Report - updated October 13, 2006

Boone (1.03 megabytes)

These files contain information on living individuals.  Please contact me via email for the password.

Davie Genealogy Report - updated December 16, 2004

Descendant Tree

If you are looking for Davie2008.pdf (the electronic version of the Davie, Brown, Henderson and Mitchell Families), please contact me via email.  Because this "book" contains detailed information on living individuals, it has been password protected.   I will respond to your email with a link to the file and the password.

Danker Genealogy Report