Are We Related?

The files below list over 16,000 known persons that I am related to by birth or marriage, sorted by name. To see if and how we are related, open the appropriate file and look for your name (maiden name for the ladies).  Because many names have been duplicated, I have included the year of birth, where known.  If you think you may be related, but are not listed, or if you would like more information, please contact me by clicking the Email button below.

Note:  Because there were a number of intermarriages on some of the lines, there are a large number of people that I am related to in multiple ways - only the closest relationship is shown.

Unknown Surnames
A and B Surnames
C and D Surnames
E and F Surnames
G and H Surnames
I, J and K Surnames
L and M Surnames
N, O, P, Q and R Surnames
S, T and U Surnames
V, W, Y and Z Surnames