Herrington Photos

Unless noted otherwise, all pictures are the property of Dave Herrington and used with his permission.

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wrh_hmb_fam.jpg (179545 bytes) Photo by Dave Herrington in the 1960's at the end of a visit with the family of Weldon and Hilda McBride Herrington. 
wrh_crh.jpg (111925 bytes) Claude and Weldon Herrington in 1969 
weldon_hilda_ronnie.jpg (79306 bytes) Weldon and Hilda McBride Herrington and son Ronald at Cora Belle Reagan Herrington's funeral in 1969. 
scratched_out_face.jpg (94494 bytes) Believed to be Jesse Lee and Cora Belle Reagan Herrington in foreground with son and daughter-in-law Claude and Jessie Shamp Herrington in background.  If you can confirm this, please contact Dave through the link at the bottom of his site.
rdh_in_kitchen.jpg (186791 bytes) Ruth DeChambeau Herrington in the 1950's. Probably thanksgiving, judging from the turkey.
rdb_porch.jpg (60379 bytes) Ruth DeChambeau Herrington in the 1940's
jmh_usmc.jpg (73862 bytes) Marine Private Jesse Merle Herrington in 1942 
jmh_sgt.jpg (72387 bytes) Sergeant Jesse Merle Herrington in class
jmh_passport.jpg (66931 bytes) Jesse Merle Herrington passport photo, 1950's
jmh_horse.jpg (56205 bytes) Jesse Merle Herrington on leave in Santa Barbara
jmh_erik.jpg (136494 bytes) Jesse Merle Herrington holding grandson Erik Jeremy Herrington in 1975
jmh_eb_ib.jpg (161541 bytes) From left to right: Unknown child,  Elfie Herrington Bansberg, Jesse Merle Herrington, and Isabelle Herrington Blades. Child at left is unknown, probably a grandchild of Elfie or Isabelle; if you can identify the child, please contact Dave through the link at the bottom of his site.
jmh_work.jpg (79566 bytes) Jesse Merle Herrington at work at US Steel Audit Division
jlh_portrait.jpg (52878 bytes) Jesse Lee Herrington, 1966
jlh_crh_outside.jpg (89995 bytes) Jesse Lee and Cora Belle Reagan Herrington, taken outside their home in Broad Ford, PA (not shown).
jlh_crh_livingroom.jpg (95559 bytes) Jesse Lee and Cora Herrington in their livingroom.
family_fun_1951_jlh_cbr.jpg (149528 bytes) Left to right: Joanne Herrington, Joanne Blades, Weldon Herrington, Jesse Lee Herrington, Cora Reagan Herrington, Isabelle Herrington Blades, Jesse Merle Herrington. 1951.
duo.jpg (85144 bytes) Jesse Merle and Ruth DeChambeau Herrington; portrait taken in the mid 1990's
dlh_njh_wedding.jpg (150141 bytes) David and Nancy Worthington Herrington on their wedding day in 1974. Flanked by bridesmaid Karen Henry and best man Kevin Santry.
deligatti.jpg (87862 bytes) The Delligati family. Michael, Norma, and children.
crh_new_kitchen.jpg (72686 bytes) Cora Reagan Herrington in her new kitchen. Stove pipe makes her hair seem gigantic.
crh_mystery.jpg (96963 bytes) Cora Herrington with mystery man. Need help identifying him; if you can identify the man, please contact Dave through the link at the bottom of his site.
ch_jh_ch.jpg (78254 bytes) Claude Reagan Herrington with children Judy, Robert, and Claudine.
normapainting.jpg (140905 bytes) Painting of the Herrington homestead in Broad Ford PA by Norma Delligatti