Many people have contributed information and documentation pertinent to my research. I am including as many as possible below. If you've shared information with me and are not listed, I apologize; please let me know and I will add you.

Swearingen  Lola Swearingen Weber
Anderson, Basalyga, Brown, Davie, Davis, Erwin, Hart and Peret  The children and their spouses of Louwilla Catherine Hart and James Henderson Davie: Leota Lough Davie, Ann Davie Peret*, Kate Davie Basalyga Hoover, Joanne Boone Davie, Robert Davie, Bert Davie Davis, Bea Davie Erwin, Dave Davie
Arvai and Danker  Marian Arvai Danker, Rick Danker
Anderson  John Anderson, B.G. Shields (Sewickley Valley Historical Society), Pat Machesney, Dora Anderson Brubaker
Boone Dan Boone, Jim Boone, Ralph Boone, Ron Wydick, Sam Ballal, Mary Wheeler McFarland*, Bette Scott Boone, Joe Basinger, Dave Boone, Donna Swavely Whitenight, Herb Boone, Eileen Volzer Druzak, Joanne Boone Davie, Ron Boone, Jean Cannon Mundell, Dave Herrington
Wheeler  Janet Kademenos, Mary Wheeler McFarland*
Pride Larinda Moore, Ron Robe, Mark Tennant
Kramer Leah Kramer Martin, Frank Kramer, Joanne Boone Davie
Herrington Barbara Long Emery, Brad Herrington, Sharon Herrington, Ryan Cross, Dave Herrington
Cindy Burchell, Jim Longstreth
Davie and Wilson Gertrude Wilson Rohde, Louise Wilson Carlon
Anderson, Clark and Hastings Mary Karnes (Historian, Donegal Presbyterian Church)
Mentzer Susan Underwood, Jackie Bailey
Wellbrook/Willbrook John Bearden
Davie Jackie Davie Weidenboerner, James Henderson Davie, Robert Henderson Davie
Brown Richard Lewis, Diane Volney
Miscellaneous Obituaries Laura Nelle Poland Mallett, Cornerstone Genealogical Society
Miscellaneous Information and getting me started on this My big brother.