Scottish Clan Information

Anderson It is believed, but not proven at this time, that the Anderson family is of Scottish descent. As such, I am including information on Clan Anderson.
  Gaelic Name: Mac Ghille Aindrais
  Motto: Stand Sure
  Badge: AndersonBadge.jpg (79130 bytes)
  Ancient Tartan: Anderson-Ancient.jpg (461848 bytes)
  Modern Tartan: Anderson-Modern.jpg (456751 bytes)
  Weathered Tartan: Anderson-Weathered.jpg (430176 bytes)
Davidson The Davie family is a Sept of Clan Davidson
  Gaelic Name: MacDhaibhidh
  Motto: Sapienter si sincere - Wisely if Sincere
  Badge: DavidsonBadge.jpg (82243 bytes)
  Ancient Tartan: Davidson-Clan-Ancient.jpg (356944 bytes)
  Modern Tartan: Davidson-Clan-Modern.jpg (299690 bytes)
  Gaelic Name: Mac Eanruig
  Motto: Sola virtus nobilitat - Virtue alone ennobles
  Badge: HendersonBadge.jpg (80067 bytes)
  Ancient Tartan: Henderson-Ancient.jpg (382018 bytes)
  Modern Tartan: Henderson-Modern.jpg (332267 bytes)
  Weathered Tartan: Henderson-Weathered.jpg (367026 bytes)
MacMillan The Brown family is a Sept of Clan MacMillan
  Gaelic Name: MacGhilleMhaolain
  Motto: Misesris succerere disco - I learn to succor the unfortunate
  Badge: MacMillanBadge.jpg (81095 bytes)
  Ancient Dress Tartan: MacMillan-Dress-Ancient.jpg (400647 bytes)
  Ancient Hunting Tartan: MacMillan-Hunting-Ancient.jpg (414560 bytes)
  Modern Hunting Tartan: MacMillan-Hunting-Modern.jpg (365039 bytes)
  Ancient Tartan: MacMillan-Old-Ancient.jpg (408929 bytes)
  Modern Tartan: MacMillan-Old-Modern.jpg (384584 bytes)
  Weathered Tartan: MacMillan-Old-Weathered.jpg (372781 bytes)
Tartans courtesy of: Free Tartans.Com
Gaelic pronunciation sound clips courtesy of: ScotClans

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